Ethical Shopping in Bali: Fair Trade Silver Jewelry

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Shaping A Better World Through Fair Trade

As an advocate for Balinese jewelry and a resident of this beautiful island, I believe in the power of ethical shopping. Through fair trade, we can support the artisans who pour their heart into crafting beautiful silver jewelry, ensuring they receive a fair wage and safe working conditions.

Understanding Fair Trade: More than Just a Price Tag

Fair trade isn’t merely about better prices for producers. It’s about building sustainable businesses, respecting workers’ rights, and preserving traditional crafts. When you buy fair trade silver jewelry, you’re directly supporting the artisans and contributing to their community’s development.

Spotting Fair Trade Jewelry: Certifications and Marks

Identifying fair trade jewelry can be tricky. Look for certification marks, like the Fairtrade Mark or the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) label, which guarantee the piece meets international fair trade standards. Always research the brand or seller to verify their fair trade status.

Promoting Artisan Welfare: Fair Prices, Fair Conditions

Fair trade organizations ensure that artisans receive a fair price for their work, allowing them to lead a decent life. They also promote safe and healthy working conditions, ensuring artisans are not exploited or exposed to hazardous substances.

Preserving Traditional Craftsmanship: Protecting Cultural Heritage

Buying fair trade jewelry helps preserve Balinese traditional craftsmanship. It ensures that these time-honored techniques, passed down through generations, continue to thrive and aren’t lost to mass production.

Supporting Sustainability: An Eco-Friendly Choice

Fair trade also promotes sustainable practices. Fair trade silver is often recycled or sourced responsibly, reducing environmental harm. By choosing fair trade jewelry, you’re supporting a more sustainable and ethical jewelry industry.

Finding Fair Trade Silver Jewelry in Bali: Where to Look

There are numerous shops in Bali that sell fair trade silver jewelry. Some renowned ones include Ubud’s “Artisans d’Angkor” and Seminyak’s “Bali Boo Jewelry.” Remember, it’s important to do your research and ask questions to ensure that the products are genuinely fair trade.

Make A Difference with Your Purchase

Buying fair trade silver jewelry in Bali allows you to make a difference with your purchase. Each piece not only represents the skill and creativity of Balinese artisans, but also a commitment to ethical business practices and sustainability. So, the next time you’re shopping in Bali, consider the power of your purchase and choose fair trade.

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